Dr Cheryl Anderson

In addition to GP training in Cardiff, Dr Cheryl Anderson (29) from Birmingham, is specialising in Academic Training to open more doors throughout her GP career, embarking on prestigious Primary Care research. Cheryl explains:

“After my Medical degree at Keele University, I chose to complete my GP training in Wales because of the innovative and highly rated training programmes on offer at the Wales Deanery. I chose the Academic Training Scheme on offer in Wales to gain the skills I’d need to be able to work beyond the traditional boundaries of General Practice and specialise in primary care research and academic training. In fact, I’m now lucky enough to be just one of three GPs training in Wales to be accepted onto the Academic Training Scheme.

“My place on the Academic Training Scheme means that I can now get involved in highly regarded Primary Care research which will add a new dimension to my GP career as well as enable me to go on and teach the next generation of trainee GPs. With the Institute of Primary Care and Public Health, I’ve been involved with research in infection and immunisation, but I also help develop and deliver the new curriculum for medical students with new teaching methods and examinations. The flexibility of my training here in Wales has also been first class. I’ve been able to postpone my studies to have a baby and pick up where I left off once the time was right for me. This meant that I could fit my training around my lifestyle.

“Wales is a great place to train, work and live. That’s why my husband and I have chosen to settle here and raise our family. I’d encourage all medical students to seriously consider what Wales has to offer when choosing where to complete their training.”