Dr Fawaaz Nuzeebun

Dr Fawaaz Nuzeebun (28) from Mauritius is a first year trainee GP in Cardiff. After studying and experiencing medicine in several different countries across the world, including Grenada and Trinidad, Fawaaz made the decision to enrol onto the Glamorgan Valleys Scheme earlier this year after falling in love with Wales on a weekend road trip. Fawaaz explains:

I was born in Mauritius and lived there until I moved to the Caribbean in 2008 to study medicine in Grenada. I studied there for 3 years until I was given the opportunity to move to the UK to complete my clinical placement. For two years I was placed at a London hospital. After completing my foundation years in Trinidad, I returned to the UK in 2015 with a job offer in Kent.

In October last year, I took a weekend road trip to North Wales and fell in love with the country. I don’t particularly enjoy city life and I found working in a busy London hospital quite overwhelming, so after visiting Wales I decided to look into completing my GP training here. I enrolled onto the Glamorgan Training Scheme in the Valleys earlier in the year and am loving every minute of it.

I have experienced university training all over the world, but am yet to find training that quite competes with the training I’m receiving here in Wales. I love the supportive and friendly nature of the programme, and on a daily basis I receive one to one contact with professionals. Aside from my GP training, I have been warmly welcomed into the Welsh community and have come to feel like Wales is my second home.

Anyone who knows me will agree that I have an obsession with anything that has four wheels – quad biking, go karting, you name it. I feel like Wales is the perfect area for me to embrace my hobbies, as well as my love for photography. I feel at home here in Wales, and although I enjoy travelling, I think I’ll be staying put in Wales and can definitely see myself settling here as a qualified GP.