Dr Leanne Griffin

For Chief Registrar at the Prince Phillip Hospital in Llanelli, Leanne Griffin (31), the choice to stay in her native South Wales to train, work and live was an easy decision. The nurture and support she has received to date, has not only helped her to realise her full potential, but has also presented some exciting opportunities along the way, which Leanne has grabbed with both hands, as she explains:

“When it came to my core medical and then higher medical training in respiratory medicine, South Wales was my first and my only choice. The hospital training environment here is incredibly supportive, with close-knit teams, approachable senior colleagues and endless opportunities to expand and grow for those up for the challenge.

“I’m currently taking full advantage of the opportunities on offer as a Chief Registrar – a post available to senior registrars. This affords me one year out from my ongoing respiratory medicine training in order to get hands-on experience in clinical leadership and management, supported by an educational programme. As a Chief Registrar, I get to work closely with senior medical colleagues here at the Prince Phillip Hospital, to equip me with the knowledge and skills I will need to become an influential medical leader in the future and promote excellence in medical training and enhanced patient care. It’s both inspiring and empowering and has already allowed me to improve and develop skills that will be essential as I progress in my career.

“I always knew that training in Wales would help me realise my fullest potential and move me towards the end goal of becoming a respiratory consultant. The help and support from the Wales Deanery and from hospital colleagues along the way has been second to none, as has the camaraderie of my fellow course mates. Combined with the excellent work life balance and breathtaking natural beauty all around - I can’t recommend training in Wales enough.”