Dr Nyasha Mudondo

Nyasha Mudondo

Originally from Manchester, Rhyl based trainee GP Nyasha Mudondo, chose to do her medical training in North Wales. She’d heard about the great work-life balance in Wales plus she could still be close to her family. Nyasha has found that Wales offers junior doctors much more than she first imagined. She explains:

“I first wanted to be a doctor when I was six. In secondary school, I became really interested in science so I applied for a place at medical school and successfully gained a place at the University of Birmingham. When it was time to start my medical training, I wanted to be closer to my home in Manchester and have a good work-life balance too.

“Since moving to Wales, I get all the support I need and I like how every person I meet professionally is friendly, helpful and has my best interests at heart. I’m still at a relatively early stage of my medical career and know lots of my friends outside of Wales aren’t getting the same level of support as I am. There’s a very welcoming culture here with lots of opportunities for progression and development too.

“I’ve been so impressed with what I’ve found since moving to Wales. Working here is great. My peers, seniors and nurses have all been absolutely amazing to work with. My patients are just as friendly as my colleagues and the surroundings are stunning. A big part of my decision to train as a GP is that I love being around people. Meeting patients that are so lovely makes a big difference. My patients are polite and extremely grateful and I think that this is something that’s unique to Wales.

“I have found myself feeling really comfortable here quickly and will definitely stay in Wales. Besides all of the positive benefits with my work and training, I also love how easy it is for me to escape to the beach or to go out and discover mountains and waterfalls in my free time. I can’t recommend Wales highly enough. In fact, I convinced one of my medical school friends to switch to Wales. Now he’s loving it too.”