Dr Sam Lonsdale

Sam Lonsdale moved to Wales after training stints in other parts of the UK, Africa and New Zealand. Now settled in Cardiff, but based at a GP practice in Brecon, she is thrilled with the variety Wales offers in every part of her professional and personal life. Sam explains:

“I come from a non-medical family, but that has never got in the way of my ambition to become a doctor. In school I really enjoyed science and away from the classroom, I have always been fascinated by people. From quite a young age, I thought that becoming a doctor would be a good way to combine the things I’m most passionate about. I also love to travel, so medicine appealed to me on that level too.

“I went to medical school in Birmingham and loved it. I made friends for life and met my husband there too. Since graduating, I’ve moved around quite a lot to do various parts of my training, including periods of time in Zambia. We decided to move to Wales as we wanted a lifestyle similar to the one we had when living in New Zealand. We also wanted to find a great place to settle down and raise a family. We have found all of this and more in Wales. We’re so happy here that moving anywhere else is completely out of the question.

“It’s impossible to say what I like most about Wales – I love it all! There is a huge diversity in terms of the people and the landscape, and that creates an incredibly vibrant place to work and to live.

“I love the atmosphere in Cardiff. It’s great for family life because there’s always so much going on. For work, I’m currently based in Brecon, although through my GP training, I was based in city Practices in South East Wales. It has been great to experience the variety that working in city and rural Practices bring. A big plus in my current placement is to enjoy a very scenic, relaxed commute to work. Although in Wales, you are never far away from beautiful scenery. The training in Wales and the support I’ve received at my Practices have been exceptional.

“There are clear opportunities in Wales. This has allowed me to shape my career in ways that both interest and challenge me in equal measure. I also get plenty of time to spend with my family and enjoy life away from work, and I think that balance is everyone’s dream.”