Arniel Hernando

Arniel qualified as a nurse in the Philippines in 1991. He arrived in Wales nine years later after being recruited by NHS Wales. Since then he's successfully developed his career and fallen in love with the Welsh way of life.

“Nursing is a very poplar profession in the Philippines and it’s seen not only as a profession, but as a vocation too. I became a nurse because I enjoy caring for people and helping patients. I feel particularly fortunate to be a nurse in Wales because the people here are so friendly – I don’t think you can experience this level of friendliness in many other places.

"Most of my family are nurses. In fact, on my mother’s side of the family we are all nurses. And as a Filipino nurse you know that once you’ve qualified and worked at home for a few years, you then have the opportunity to go abroad and change your life for the better.

"I saw the NHS Wales advert in the newspaper. I applied and found the recruitment process quite tough as I needed to pass a written English test. After that I had another two interviews and chose to work in North West Wales. I was delighted to get selected and have no regrets at all.

"I did my nurse advanced practitioner training at Bangor University and worked at Bangor hospital for fifteen years. I feel very lucky to have received amazing support on the courses I chose. All of my managers have shown faith in me. I’m sure they could see my potential and I’m so glad that they pushed me to achieve more. I lacked confidence with my English when I first came here, but I’m really happy with the way my vocabulary has developed. Today I’m far more confident and everything feels much more natural.

"I actually moved to London a couple of years ago, but I came back to Wales almost immediately, as I found the London lifestyle so stressful. I love living in Bangor, it’s so easy for me to go mountain climbing and sailing in my spare time. I currently work as an advanced nurse practitioner in the surgical assessment unit at one of the main hospitals in North Wales. Caring for people comes naturally to me and this role gives me a great feeling as the care I provide is so critical.”