Jennie Palmer

Jennie Palmer (43) is a Senior Nurse in the Emergency and Acute Medicine department in Cardiff, South Wales. Relocating to Wales has enabled Jennie to pursue her dream career and benefit from the strong sense of community spirit. Jennie’s made the most of the opportunities to develop her expertise whilst balancing her family life and now calls Wales her home. She explains:

“Originally from the North of England, I moved to Wales at the age of 18 to train as a general nurse. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse and chose to start my career in Wales because of the diverse lifestyle and friendly community, combined with advanced learning opportunities within a highly supportive network. I graduated in 1996 and have been training, working and living in Wales for over 21 years now. My family and I are really happy here and we have no plans to leave. My current role is based in the Emergency and Acute Medicine department in one of the busiest hospitals in Wales, and it’s fast paced and challenging, but I’m working with such a dedicated team. It’s a joy to be part of it.

“The opportunities to learn on the job combined with continuous educational support are amazing. I’ve gained the funding and experience needed to complete a masters degree in advanced practice and received support to complete my Emergency Nurse Practitioner qualification. There’s lots of choice for educational development and in-house training too. A clear route is offered to advanced practice work and a solid framework surrounding the core areas within the NHS. This training, in addition to the benefits of the NHS Wales bursary, makes Wales a wonderful place to work if you’re ambitious and want to push the boundaries of your role.

“The nursing community in Wales really is second to none. I’ve learnt so much from likeminded nurses through the RCN Emergency Care Association and the Emergency Care Forum and it’s fantastic that there’s always someone you can discuss your ideas with. It’s very rewarding to know that we are continuing the traditions of the NHS in the country of its birth, and influencing the future of nursing at the same time.

“For me, the most beneficial element to working in Wales is being able to balance my work with my family. Wales has so much to offer, whether it’s relaxation or adventure that you enjoy, it’s impossible to be short of things to do in your own time. No matter what your stage of life, Wales is definitely a career-move worth considering.”