Marcial and Maria Arevalo

Marcial Arevalo (44) and his wife Maria (46), are both nurses at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in South Wales. They relocated from the Philippines over 15 years ago to pursue a nursing career and a better life for their young family. Marcial and Maria explain:


“We both qualified as nurses in the Philippines in 1989. I first moved to Wales in 2001, alongside 41 other Filipino nurses, to pursue my career as a Surgical Nurse. My wife and our children followed eight months later when Maria started her new role as a Medical Ward nurse at the same hospital. 15 years on, we’re both still nursing at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and enjoying life to the full.

“The help and support we received from our local health board in relocating to Wales from the Philippines was excellent and instantly made us feel at home. My managers arranged extra English lessons to help me attain the required Nursing and Midwifery Council pin within the first three months of joining the Royal Glamorgan. Maria was supported with continuous training to help her settle into her new role.

“Thanks to this extra training, ongoing encouragement and support from our colleagues, and the flexibility to fit working hours around family life and the needs of our children, Maria and I have both been empowered to develop and grow the skills we need to meet our nursing revalidation requirements, progress our careers and make a real difference for the patients we serve.

“Wales has truly become our home now and we are happily settled here as a family.We feel a profound sense of belonging both to our local community and to this beautiful country, and would strongly recommend anyone looking for a rewarding career in the NHS to choose Wales. A country where we are very proud to call ourselves Filipinos with Welsh hearts.”


“When Marcial was offered a job in Wales, I was excited but nervous. However, I knew it would be beneficial for our family. Just eight months later we were both working at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, and the staff were so accommodating. The support and mentoring here is second to none and we’ve been allowed to work flexibly so we both have a good work-life balance. We’re very settled here andWales has become our home.”