Petros Mylonas

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Petros Mylonas was originally born and raised in Birmingham, England to Greek Cypriot parents. He continued his career and training in Birmingham and London until 2019, before moving to Cardiff. Since 2021, he has been a specialty training registrar in restorative dentistry with the Cardiff and Vale University Health board. 

Petros states: 

“I was inspired to become a dentist following the treatment I received at my local dentist as a child.  Their kindness and caring nature inspired me to want to learn more about their job. What surprised me about the job was that you had to have a lot of different skills to be a dentist that are not academic related which include: interpersonal, self-reflection, and empathy skills. 

“I then began training at the University of Birmingham, School of Dentistry from 2007 to 2012. After graduating, I continued my Dental Foundation training with the Birmingham city scheme from 2012 – 2013, working at Farm Street Dental Practice in Hockley, Birmingham and learned what it meant to be a dentist for the local community. I really enjoyed my time in Hockley.  

“After completing my foundation training, I opted to go down the Dental Core Training route as at this time, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to pursue a career as a specialist dentist. I completed 2 posts as a DCT in Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, and Restorative Dentistry. Following this, I knew I wanted to pursue a specialist career in Restorative Dentistry, and I continued as an academic DCT 3 in maxillofacial surgery and restorative dentistry. This provided a good grounding in clinical academia, and I was able to study a part time master's degree in medical education from Warwick University. 

“In 2016, I began a PhD in prosthodontics and materials at King's College London faculty of Dentistry Oral and Craniofacial Sciences. This was a three-year full time PhD programme, where I investigated erosive tooth wear in a laboratory setting. I really enjoyed my time and learned a lot about research governance, conducting laboratory studies and how to work effectively in a team. Completing this provided me with a much more grounded perspective on my clinical dentistry. 

“After completing my PhD in 2019, I took a job as a clinical lecturer with specialty training in restorative dentistry at Cardiff University. As I had never been to Wales before, I was convinced to move here due to its friendly environment, city life, the affordable lifestyle and the nature and the greenery surrounding the city. After speaking to many staff members at Cardiff University and those who had worked at Cardiff previously, I knew that Cardiff and Wales in general would be a great place for me to work and live long term. I'm extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to take this job as I've been able to create fantastic friendships and working relationships with many people. 

“Since 2019, I've been a clinical lecturer in restorative dentistry at Cardiff University, my job role encompasses teaching BDS students from year two through to year five. I am currently also the lead in clinical training for BDS year two and I co-lead teaching dental materials at the dental school. I am also undertaking five years full time training to become a restorative specialist, which will hopefully lead to me becoming a senior lecturer and honorary consultant in restorative dentistry. 

“Since living in Wales, I've been able to pursue many of my hobbies and interests - which include rambling, walking in nature and fitness. If I ever had any issues, problems or stress, I'm able to relax by going out into the countryside to pursue my hobbies. I currently live in the Heath, Cardiff and I was extremely surprised by how nice, clean and quiet this area of Cardiff is compared to other places where I've lived in previously. I'm also bowled over by how friendly everyone is, how convenient everything is and the fantastic cost of living.  

“Living in Wales has enabled me to achieve my lifelong ambition to become a restorative specialist and a clinical academic. I feel I have been able to achieve this in Wales due to the excellent support and care that I've received during my time here from my colleagues.  

“I would highly recommend anyone who is considering specialty training in restorative dentistry to seriously consider a move to Wales, as like me, you might find that you'll end up staying here forever! 

“Looking towards the future, I hope that within the next five years I will have completed my specialist training and will hold the position of senior consultant clinical academic at Cardiff University, and hope to be living a peaceful life with my future family here in Wales.” 

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