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In Wales, transformation of pharmacy education and development is well underway. We are leading the way in response to the major GPhC reforms with an exciting new community pharmacy contract and distinctive quality assured models of development for trainee pharmacists, post-registration foundation pharmacists, advanced and consultant practice.

Meeting your needs to help you make a difference

Our programmes have been designed to meet the growing expectations of graduates and the long term needs of NHS Wales. The new multi-sector model contributes to developing a flexible pharmacy workforce, with the skills and competence to increasingly use their valued medicines expertise in the full range of healthcare settings and deliver the vision of Healthier Wales

Range of pharmacy programmes

Wales offers an excellent choice of established quality, well-structured and relevant training opportunities. You'll also get career support, right up to and after you register as a pharmacy professional, because in Wales, we value your continuing professional development (CPD) as much as you do.

High satisfaction levels

Wales consistently has high pass rates, compared to other parts of the UK, for the GPhC trainee pharmacist assessment.

Multi-sector training

In Wales, our unique multi-sector training rotation programme provides you with three 4-month training placements in a community pharmacy, GP practice and hospital. Meaning you'll develop the skills, experience and confidence to work in any pharmacy environment.

A sense of belonging 

As part of a cohort of over 100 trainee pharmacists, Wales has an active and vibrant peer group. You will get to know your teams across the different sectors of practice as well as your peers at your off-site training sessions - providing opportunities for learning, networking, and socialising.  

NHS single lead employer 

Wherever you train in Wales, you will have one employer for the duration of your training programme. This means you'll only need to sign one contract for your training programme, and experience a seamless transition between posts. You'll also get your queries answered quickly and consistently, less complication with the Tax and National Insurance you pay, plus, you'll be able to take advantage of the NHS Salary Sacrifice scheme and other Employee Benefits packages available to NHS Wales employees. 

A smooth transition to practice 

In Wales, all trainee pharmacists complete National Clinical Services Accreditation (NCSA) as part of their training, meaning you can deliver all national clinical services, if you choose to transition directly into community practice. 

Post-registration opportunities 

High numbers of trainee pharmacists choose to remain and develop their careers in Wales, benefiting from exciting job opportunities and continued access to high quality, community, and hospital pharmacy national training programmes. 

Post-registration Foundation Programme 

Once you have qualified, there are also many opportunities, through local employers to undertake our centrally funded post-registration Foundation Programme. The programme supports newly registered pharmacists, to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours, to confidently practice in any sector, at a generalist post-registration Foundation Level. It provides protected development time to build confidence and competence in practice, beyond what is required for registration as a pharmacist, with the support from experienced practitioners. Importantly, it bridges the period for new registrants, until the new Initial Education and Training of Pharmacists (IETP) standards are fully implemented (July 2026) and includes the achievement of Independent Prescribing status. 

Welsh Clinical Leadership Training Fellowship (WCLTF) 

Development options in Wales include opportunities to train on our WCLTF which, is a one-year post-registration training programme for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, offering the unique opportunity for training and hands-on experience in clinical leadership and management.  The aim of the scheme is to recruit and develop aspiring clinical leaders of the future and provide them with the range of knowledge, skills and experience required to be credible and influential leaders in a future modern NHS.  

Advanced and Consultant Level Practice 

To develop your career through to advanced and consultant pharmacist level roles, we provide opportunities to access central funding, which mean you can tailor your development using a range of masters level modules or programmes. These may include education, research and digital modules, or independent prescribing and clinical courses. 

Learning and Resources 

As a pharmacy professional in Wales, there is access to a range of self-directed learning resources including e-learning packages, videos, podcasts and fast pharmacy facts - which are designed to support your professional practice and continuing professional development - all of which are free. 

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