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When Aneurin Bevan established the NHS in 1948, he did so on the principles of equality of access and the service being based on need, not on the ability to pay. While Wales is a part of the UK, health policy is devolved to the Welsh Government, meaning that we can make the right health policies in Wales, for Wales. This includes an exciting new community pharmacy contract, delivering more clinical services. 

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Wales Centre for Pharmacy Professional Education

Shape the future of pharmacy in Wales

Wales is a small, forward thinking and friendly nation and by working here you can take on roles that promise access to key decision-makers, so that you can help Wales shape the future of the services you provide. 

One career, many paths

There are pharmacist posts in a range of sectors and levels, available across Wales. We are experiencing an increase in new pharmacy positions in primary care, with a wide variety of opportunities in secondary care and many stimulating community pharmacy roles.  

We're also planning to ensure that all pharmacists in clinical roles in all sectors will be able to train and use their skills as independent prescribers, in community, GP practice and Health Board settings. 

Continue your professional development

In Wales, continuing professional development is embedded into practice in every sector, with centrally funded opportunities for those building advanced and consultant level portfolios.  

Rewarding roles at the heart of the community

You'll have excellent employment prospects after you qualify, whatever sector or role you choose, providing you with the opportunity to put your expertise into practice. Whether it's using your clinical skills to take referrals from general practices, enjoying formal collaboration with health care professionals, or using your people skills to provide new clinical services, as a pharmacist in Wales, the significant contribution you make to the health of the Welsh population is truly valued. 

Technology enabled

In Wales, we have joined up technology across seven fully integrated Health Boards, meaning you have access to GP medical records wherever you are in practice. This enables you to work with accurate and up to date information, to provide the best care possible. 

Supported by a skilled team

As a pharmacist in Wales, you'll be able to help your pharmacy technicians and support staff reach their full potential, by supporting them to enhance their confidence, knowledge and skills, to practice safely in any sector in clinical services through work-based training modules. Staff undertaking roles at the top of their competence, means you'll have the time to improve both the services you provide and the health of those in your community. 


The development of a network of pharmacy research leaders from across Wales, means you will be provided with support to guide you through practice research to publication.

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