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Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) operates a wide range of specialty training programmes for you to choose from, with access to teaching programmes, educational and specialised simulation resources. Because we know it takes commitment on both sides to produce the best results, NHS Wales continues to invest in technology to create world-class educational facilities up and down the country.

Specialty training

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Specific specialty training:

Our training arrangements give you more

In Wales, our training programmes provide you with access to all the education and training requirements and opportunities you need to hit your training targets and grow into a skilled and confident doctor. Alongside your training placements, we are rolling out a Generic Curriculum programme which will provide training in core generic skills, aligned to the GMCs Capabilities in Practice. And outside hospitals, we have a huge variety of training practices in beautiful rural settings to cosmopolitan cities.

Earn a prestigious fellowship

Development options in Wales include opportunities to train on the highly regarded Welsh Clinical Academic Track (WCAT) Fellowship or Welsh Clinical Leadership Training Fellowship. By completing an Academic Fellowship, you'll be ideally placed to build and lead translational research from bench to bedside or improvements in the delivery of healthcare in Wales. The leadership opportunities will prepare you for leadership and management roles in the future.

Flexible options to suit you

Should anything change once your training starts, our flexible training options are here to help you stay on track. The option to train on a less than full-time basis (LTFT) helps you devote time to other areas of your life should anything unexpected happen, or if you plan to undertake development opportunities, or start a family.

Single Lead Employer

Building on the success of our Single Lead Employer model for GP trainees, we have rolled this out for all our trainees, which means wherever you train in Wales, you will have one employer for the duration of your training programme. The main advantages of this model include: you'll only need to sign one contract for your training programme and you'll experience a more seamless transition between posts; you'll get your queries answered quickly and consistently; mortgage applications should be more straightforward; less complication with the Tax & NI you pay and associated benefits (maternity, paternity etc.); plus you'll be able to take advantage of the NHS Salary Sacrifice scheme and other Employee Benefits packages available to other NHS Wales employees.


If you chose to train as a GP in certain areas of Wales, there is a £20,000 targeted incentive providing you stay in the area during training and for one year of practice afterwards.

For psychiatry core trainees studying in Wales, there is a phased payment of up to £1,900 available to cover the cost of one sitting of your MRCPsych membership exams.

We also offer psychiatry core trainees subsidised training, without compromising on quality. Our MRCPsych course currently costs £100 per year, giving you more financial flexibility to fulfil other educational opportunities.

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