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Jon Fisher was born and grew up in Rugby, Warwickshire in England. He attended the University of Warwick when he was 18 to undertake a degree in sociology, before deciding to focus on occupational therapy later on.  

Jon states: 

"After completing my degree in sociology, I spent several years working in substance use services, but felt unfulfilled in my career I worked with several service users who had been referred to occupational therapy. They told me about the amazing activities and groups they were part of, such as fishing and sailing. I saw first-hand how it had made a big difference in their lives, and sparked an interest for me to work in a more therapeutic way. I decided to return to education to train as an occupational therapist.  

"In 2014, I enrolled with the University of West England in Bristol to undertake an Occupational Therapy degree, over three years. When I qualified in 2017, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to work within a traditional Occupational Therapy role and had some anxiety about my ability to do the job. I decided to go back to work in substance misuse services, working on the “Drink Wise/Age Well” project. I developed my knowledge and skills working on this project including capturing service user stories, understanding ageing and substance use, designing promotional materials and updating the website. 

"A year later I relocated to Caernarfon in North Wales, where I took up my first occupational therapy role with the South Gwynedd Community Mental Health Team. I spent a year in this position and started to find my feet working within occupational therapy. It is such a beautiful area and allowed me to work with patients and carry out interventions on the coast, mountains and beach.

"In the summer of 2020, I moved to Chester, and gained a band 6 role working in Wrexham Community Mental Health Team. This position enabled me to build my confidence and competence, with the increasing autonomy that is required in a more senior role.   

"Although I enjoyed my time in North Wales, it was always my goal to move back to South Wales at some point. An occupational therapist post became available in a specialist substance use service in South Wales and I feel very fortunate to have gained this position and all the opportunities it has afforded me.

"I continue to advocate for the role of occupational therapy in substance use services. Over the past two years, I helped to establish and facilitate a special interest group for occupational therapists working in this field, where we provide practice support, share knowledge and expertise, ultimately in support of those who use our services. 

"I recently moved to Bridgend and I was delighted to discover and explore all the wonderful green spaces and coastal areas surrounding the town. It’s only 20 minutes by train to Cardiff, so all the benefits of the bigger city are close by. Cardiff is a great city as it’s by the water, has a big city vibe, it’s modern, clean and tidy and has great transport links along the south coast.  

"Despite being a diverse place with lots of different international cultures, Wales has a strong national and cultural identity, where people take pride in their Welsh heritage. Everyone has been really welcoming and helped me understand how to pronounce certain Welsh words and place names. But as everyone speaks English, I have always been made to feel like I’m part of the conversation.  I am taking Welsh lessons to better integrate into the community - but it is not essential to speak Welsh to live and work here.  

"There is so much to do if you love the great outdoors. I enjoy running along the picturesque coast or cycle paths, and enjoy the clean fresh air, which helps me stay motivated.  

"Looking towards the future, I hope to complete a Master’s degree in addiction and substance use, with the support from my employer. I have a solid foundation here in Wales  and I love my job. Living in South Wales has been the best decision for me both personally and professionally."

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