Arwel Thomas


Arwel Thomas and born in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales and grew up a few miles away in Heolgerrig. After studying at the University of South Wales, where he graduated with a first-class honours degree, Arwel is now in his first registered role and is currently employed as a staff-nurse in Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr Tydfil. 

Arwell states:

"Before I started towards my career as a nurse, I worked in a call centre selling mobile phones. While I was working there, my grandmother sadly became ill and had to be taken into hospital. Seeing all the nurses working tirelessly to provide top quality care really inspired me. This prompted me to make a big change. Although my qualifications up to this point mainly focused on IT, I did not need any previous health qualifications or foundation courses to become a student nurse. Deciding to train to become a nurse allows me to participate in a career where I feel I am making a difference, while giving back something to the community and truly feel like I’m helping people. 

"Securing my first qualified nursing role has made me feel incredibly proud of what I have achieved, particularly qualifying from university with a first-class honours degree. As I have all my family and friends within the local area, living and working within my community gives me an enormous sense of pride and makes me feel as though I truly belong here. Merthyr Tydfil is my home and I think it’s an amazing place to live, especially as there are so many nice walks in mountains close by, great restaurants and nightlife, with the big cities of Cardiff and Swansea just down the road.  

"I love living and working in Wales as there are so many opportunities here, which will allow me to achieve both my short and long-term goals. In the future I aim to move upwards from my first post-graduation role of staff nurse and return to university and complete my Masters degree, before hopefully achieving my career ambition of moving into a position within the Intensive Care unit. I would ideally like to remain within Wales and continue working in Prince Charles Hospital.  

"I also hope to save up enough money to buy my own house very soon in Merthyr Tydfil near my family, friends and work, or in one of the nearby valleys. As Wales as a lower cost of living compared to other parts of the UK, being able to afford my own home is a much more achievable ambition for someone in my position."

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