Kirsty Pomeroy

Kirsty Pomeroy

Kirsty Pomeroy is a Practice Nurse from South Wales. After moving back to Wales from Cyprus to be closer to her family, she is continuing to develop her skills in the country that she loves.

She explains:

“I’m originally from South Wales and decided to complete my pre-registration nursing programme there too because I knew NHS Wales offered lifelong learning opportunities. After qualifying in 2012, I made the choice to move to Cyprus and work as a nurse within the Ministry of Defence. My husband and I decided to move back to Wales three years later to settle down, and I began working as a community nurse.

“My current role is a Practice Nurse within a GP Practice in Pontypridd, South Wales. I’ve worked in a variety of different roles during and after my training, but it’s great to be in a local practice where the work is flexible to suit my needs. I’ve been supported with my professional development so I can progress my career at the pace that I want as well as meeting my NMC revalidation requirements.

“Working in Cyprus pushed me outside my comfort zone and I learnt how to deal with staff and patients where the language barrier was at first difficult to manage. The Ministry of Defence healthcare is based upon the principles of the NHS and this experience has benefitted my confidence and skill set since moving back to Wales.

“Being in a smaller GP practice is different from a larger hospital environment and I love it. There’s a sense of community and belonging, and the learning never stops. The most beneficial element of working in Wales is the work-life balance which hasn’t always been available to me. Outside of work, I take my dogs for long walks across the fantastic Brecon Beacon Mountains and really make the most of the beautiful landscape that surrounds us; it’s a great adventure.

“For me, practising in Wales has given me freedom. The facilities here are second to none and everyone is given the chance to lead a varied career with opportunities to advance. If you’re looking to work in a friendly community where there’s a vibrant learning environment, I would definitely recommend choosing Wales as your next step.”

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