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Sujith was born in Kenya, before moving back to Kerala, India as a child with his family. Sujith then qualified to become a nurse in Kerala in 1997 and worked in India for 2 years, before moving to Kuwait for further career opportunities and working under the Ministry for Health. He was then given the opportunity in 2003 to attend an interview with Cardiff and Vale Health Board’s international nurse recruitment campaign, who were trying to attract qualified nurses to Wales. Sujith was successful in his interview, quickly settled in Wales and he and his family now happily call it home. 

Sujith says:

“I always wanted to choose a career related to health, as I had a caring and compassionate nature. My sister and aunt work in the healthcare field, so I was inspired from a young age. While there were lots of challenges in nursing school, I graduated in 1997 and spent several years in various nursing positions in India and Kuwait. 

“When I was recruited by Cardiff and Vale Health Board in Bangalore, I was given lots of support, help and advice regarding moving to Wales, including accommodation, flights and travel. 

“I have been settled in Cardiff for the last 20 years with my family. The culture and people are the reason I call the city home. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive. As a Catholic, it was also important for me that I was able to go to freely practice my religion and enjoyed making like-minded friends. 

“I started my career in Wales as a Band 5 nurse in the Neuroscience Department and Spinal Rehabilitation Unit at Rookwood Hospital, in Cardiff for around 10 years, until 2012. I later became a Band 6 and moved to the Acute Site in University Hospital of Wales, which specialises in acute neurosurgical conditions. During my time there, I looked into leadership roles to further challenge myself and become a team leader, with extra responsibilities and duties. I gained a deputy managers role and returned to Rookwood Hospital to work within neuroscience, before shortly moving into a Charge Nurse position on the Health Board. My current role as the Professional Standard Nurse for Cardiff and Vale Staff Bank, which makes me responsible for any of the managing concerns that come through for the recruitment of Cav Staff Bank. 

“While in this position, I helped a lot of international nurses to settle into life in Wales, by sharing my experiences and giving them the guidance and information which I have acquired during my time here. 

“I really enjoy living and working in Wales, as there are so many options for career progression here.  I truly believe that there are great opportunities here than in my home country or Kuwait where I worked previously.  

“While I was not familiar with Wales when living in India, my experience here has been amazing, and I really enjoy living in such a vibrant and dynamic capital city. It has so many advantages over other large cities in the UK such as London, due to lower cost of living, more affordable house prices, welcoming local community and professional support for those who are willing to work. 

“There are lots of beautiful places that you can explore right on your doorstep in Wales. The spectacular landscapes, beaches and costal path area are some of the attractions one can enjoy with their families. My children were born and grew up in Wales and consider themselves as half Welsh. and know no other home. I have enjoyed taking them to play football, gymnastics and swimming also, spending quality family time with them in such a safe and welcoming environment.  

“I am always looking to progress in my career and take on new challenges and have recently completed my Masters in Advanced Practice, from Cardiff University, thanks to the support of NHS Wales. I have found Wales to be a very welcoming and friendly nation that offers great opportunities both professionally and personally to better yourself. I have had so much guidance and support from the NHS Wales Health Boards, while still experiencing a great work/life balance.” 

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