Dr Andrew McKnight

Dr Andrew McKnight is a GP working in Swansea. Having grown up in Wales, it was an easy decision for him to carry out his further training here, where he now enjoys a balanced, sociable lifestyle.

He explains:

“I’m originally from Swansea and always enjoyed being around people when I was younger. Science was one of my strongest subjects during school, so the two combined, secured my decision to apply for medical school. I trained in London at Saint Batholomew’s, before coming back to Wales for my foundation years. I did some clinical fellow jobs in England before deciding to return to Wales.

“Many of my friends decided to stay in Wales after training so it seemed natural to apply for GP training in my country of birth. I’d also found that working in South Wales was much more hands on, which is one of favourite aspects of the role. There’s a really strong team environment here, which I’ve not found anywhere else.

“I’m currently a salaried GP in a practice where I completed my GP training. HEIW (medical deanery) team have been excellent in supporting me throughout the GP training and beyond. I’ve been able to reach out to my clinical advisors whenever I’ve needed to and have massively benefitted from both national and regional training days that Wales offers to trainees - which have been extremely insightful and beneficial to my GP career. I am looking for new roles I can pursue within my current post, to aid with patient and staff wellbeing as well as service provision. There is lots to choose from!

“I moved back to Wales for a balanced lifestyle and to be closer to my friends and family. House prices are also really affordable in Wales, which was a big influence in my decision to settle here. I frequently participate in parkrun and triathlons. I have also taken part in the Cardiff Half Marathon on multiple occasions. There’s plenty of opportunity to take part in extra-curricular activities. If you’re after a well-balanced lifestyle, I’d encourage choosing Wales.”

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