Dr Peter Saul

Originally from Liverpool, Doctor Peter Saul, has lived and worked as a GP across Wales for the last 30 years. Peter now works part-time as a GP for the North Wales Health Board at Beech Avenue Practice near Wrexham and also mentors the next generation of students in Cardiff under his HEIW (medical deanery) role. Part-time work allows him to fit the job he loves around his hobby of flying light aircrafts.

“I was born in Liverpool where I lived for the first half of my life, but my mother has Welsh roots. Her family come from Powys in mid Wales and that’s where my fondness for Wales began. The choice to finish my GP training in Wales, birthplace of the National Health Service and land of endless natural beauty, was a clear no brainer for me.

“I’ve now worked and lived here for 30 years and it’s the strong sense of community, infectious personalities and distinctive Welsh culture that keeps me firmly fixed here. Some might argue that the current Health Service here is not perfect. But then what Health Service is? For me it’s more about the spirit of cooperation and affordable cost of living, mixed with the right balance between rural and city culture and facilities that make Wales such a special place to train, work and live.

“Working in the Welsh health sector also provides great flexibility and choice, whatever your career stage. After 30 years, I’m now lucky enough to work as a part-time GP in a semi-rural practice near Wrexham. This allows me to marry the day job with my passion for flying a light aircraft. I fly out of Welshpool Airport where I can enjoy great Welsh scenery from the air as well as the ground, when my feet are firmly on the ground. However, it’s easy to find beautiful spots to cycle with the mountains and seaside relatively close, and I can cycle to my practice on days I’m not on-call.

“Being based in North East Wales offers the best of both worlds – full access to the wonderful Welsh countryside, as well as closeness to the big cities of Liverpool and Manchester. If I really want to get away, Manchester airport is 55 minutes away by car. But then why would I want to do that?”

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